We are constantly looking to replenish sold stock. If you think your vehicle would be of interest to us, we can buy or handle the sale of your vehicle through a consignment sale.

Sell your vehicle:

We begin by the process by collecting as much information as possible such as condition, service history, specification, mileage, etc. to determine its value. If we decide to buy your vehicle, we will agree a price and take collection of it.

Consign us to sell your vehicle:

*Please note, we only offer consignment sales to higher end vehicles such as prestige or classic.

If we agree to consign the sale of your vehicle, we will agree a price and start the preparation process (you can find out more about this on our ‘ABOUT US’ page. We will photograph and advertise your car across a multitude of online platforms as well as our website, and social media. Sometimes we may have an existing customer of a customer looking for us to source the same vehicle. We handle all negotiations and viewings. Once a sale is secured, we will handle all logistics, transfer of ownership, finance (if applicable), paperwork and delivery. Upon completion you will receive payment minus our agreed commission. For the duration of sale, the vehicle will be comprehensively secured and insured through our motor trade policy.